Discount real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Discount realtors offering 2% commissions and 2% rebates

Discount real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area
Discount realtors offering 2% commissions and 2% rebates

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Buying a home, selling a home, or selling one home and buying another home are probably among the most, if not THE most, important financial decisions of your life. Whom do you want to entrust with the responsibility of guiding you safely and securely through such a transaction or transactions? Hopefully, you would insist upon a real estate professional with the knowledge, expertise, and experience required to guarantee that everything is handled properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind and factor into your decision making process when it comes to choosing the correct real estate professional to represent you:

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1. Is the person a sales agent, or a broker? Sales agents must be employed by brokers in order to work in the real estate industry and conduct real estate activities in the state of California. A sales agent cannot become a broker without at least 2 years of experience, plus successful completion of 8 college level real estate courses, as well as passing a broker’s exam and criminal background check. You should hire a broker, not a sales agent. Most brokers have WAY more than the minimum 2 years of experience required. Ours have DECADES of experience. Most agents have only a few years of experience, or even less! If the person is a broker, it will clearly say so on his or her business card. Sales agents may try to put all sorts of things on their business cards to impress you (MBA, JD, CPA, GRI, CRS, top producer, top 1%, gold circle, diamond star, Team Hotshot, a legend in my own mind, etc, etc, etc), all of which are just peachy, but, honestly and truly, the one thing they cannot put on their card is the one most important thing of all that should be there: the title of BROKER. Look for it. Insist upon it. After all, don’t you deserve the best? Do you want a doctor, or a nurse? A dentist, or a dental assistant? An attorney, or a paralegal? You are paying good money. Get great help.

2. Is the person a Realtor? Not all salespeople nor even all brokers are Realtors. Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors and California Association of Realtors. These are professional organizations whose members voluntarily subscribe to a code of ethics. Look for the term “Realtor” on their business card. Insist upon it.

3. So, just how many years of experience does the person have? Here is a little known fact that is a foolproof, guaranteed way to find out. All California real estate sales agents and brokers have a license number that was issued by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) (also known as the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE)). The DRE changed its name to the BRE on July 1, 2013 and then BACK to the DRE on July 1, 2018… it is the same department, whether called DRE or BRE. The abbreviation “CA DRE #” or “CA BRE #” will precede the license number of all real estate licensees in California. BY CALIFORNIA LAW, THE NUMBER MUST BE DISPLAYED ON THE BUSINESS CARD OF ANY REAL ESTATE LICENSEE. Ask for it. Look for it. It must ALSO be displayed on their advertisements, meaning, ALL advertisements, of which the business card is considered one, as well as flyers, mailers, brochures, pamphlets, door hangers, shopping cart ads, magazine ads, billboards, etc. It is very similar to an attorney’s state bar number, or a contractor’s state license number. The beautiful thing about a DRE/BRE license number is that it gives away a lot very valuable information about the real estate licensee — the DRE/BRE # will tell you: agent or broker, number of years of experience, AND, other things as well….but HERE IS THE LITTLE KNOWN FACT that all rookies hope you will never find out about: DRE/BRE License numbers are SEQUENTIAL. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. IN OTHER WORDS, THE LOWER THE NUMBER, THE MORE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, AND THE HIGHER THE NUMBER, THE FEWER YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. The agent or broker cannot hide from his or her DRE/BRE license number, nor can he or she change it. There is no amount of money he or she can pay to have it altered, and no one can “purchase” a lower number. It might as well be tattooed an a rookie’s forehead, along with the words, “I have no idea what I am doing”. Ask for it. Look for it.

What’s the difference? Baron & Chestney Real Estate combines the full service, veteran expertise, and outstanding results of a traditional old fashioned 6% national chain real estate company with the modern, progressive, commission saving business model of a discount real estate brokerage. As a result, we deliver unbeatable value while not compromising full service and superior results on ANY real estate transaction anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Baron & Chestney brings you the best of both worlds: live, local, veteran real estate brokers with decades of experience, paired with discount commission and fee structures, as well as home buyer rebates, that simply cannot be beaten. You do NOT need to pay the outrageous commissions of an old style national chain 6% real estate firm, NOR do you need to settle for less than full service, NOR do you need to use an embarrassing “help you to sell your house” company, or an out of state “e-company” that uses “apps”, “chat rooms”, and customer service phone reps in an effort to save you money on the sale and/or purchase of a home. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers a full spectrum of real estate services with a wide menu of commission and fee structures which simply cannot be beaten, ranging from our original discount commission and rebate structure with our unbeatable 2% jackpot scenario and our home buyer rebates of up to 2%, to flat fee commission structures to a la carte pricing, all designed to deliver maximum flexibility and maximum discounts, all customized to your specific needs and circumstances.

Whether selling a home, buying a home, or both, Baron & Chestney delivers exemplary service and superior results, while also delivering maximum value for your real estate dollar and the greatest net dollars back to our clients on any real estate transaction. Whether it is a house, condominium, townhouse, duplex, triplex, fourplex, vacant land, investment property, or business opportunity, you will not find better service, better results, or better value for any of your real estate needs anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area — guaranteed! Do NOT sign anything with anyone until you see OUR written proposal for real estate services. Our clients are the smart ones, and our proposal will NOT be beaten. We are the original and the best, and we guarantee that we will beat all the rest. THAT is the difference! Your home is your castle! Let Baron & Chestney be your knights, defending your home’s equity against plunderers and blunderers.


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Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokers who will sell your San Francisco Bay Area home for a discount realtor commission of only 2% to 4% in TOTAL. Home buyers who purchase a home using our home buyer rebate program will get a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the selling price of the home. Serving your discount real estate needs throughout 10 San Francisco Bay Area counties, our discount realtors will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, whether you are selling a home or buying a home, or BOTH! Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker today, and let our home seller discount real estate commissions and home buyer discount realtor rebates save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions on your next bay area realty transaction! Call US first!