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Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Baron & Chestney Real Estate
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Santa Clara County

Welcome to the Baron & Chestney Real Estate Santa Clara County page! In order to research a particular city, town, neighborhood, district, or unincorporated area that we cover within Santa Clara County, please scroll down to the yellow box at the bottom of the page, where you will find links to all of them. If you want to search for an area in a DIFFERENT county, just click on THAT county’s link in the yellow box, and then you will be redirected to that county’s page, where you will find a list of all corresponding cities, towns, neighborhoods, districts, and unincorporated areas that we service within that county.
SANTA CLARA COUNTY REAL ESTATE is part of the Baron’s domain! Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtors serve your real estate needs in Santa Clara County. The cities, towns, and unincorporated areas that Baron & Chestney Real Estate covers in Santa Clara County are as follows: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale. Need to sell a home in Santa Clara County? Baron & Chestney’s discount real estate brokers will sell your Santa Clara county house for a discount realtor commission, while still delivering full service real estate services. Baron & Chestney are the full service discount commission realtors that will sell your Santa Clara County home for a TOTAL real estate commission of only 2 percent to 4 percent! Need to buy a home in Santa Clara County? Baron & Chestney Real Estate can help you with a home buyer’s real estate commission rebate of up to 2 percent of the purchase price of the home after close of escrow! For all of your Santa Clara County real estate needs, why not call Baron & Chestney Real Estate today and let one of our discount realtors help you?

Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtors love Santa Clara County!!! Unlike many Silicon Valley stock prices, Santa Clara County real estate values have held up well — and we are here to help you keep as much of your home’s equity as possible! Why pay some “national chain” real estate company a whopping 6% real estate commission to sell your Santa Clara County home when one of our discount real estate brokers will give you the SAME full service for as low as only a 2% TOTAL real estate commission?!

Buying a home? How about up to a 2% home buyer rebate? Yes! No need to grovel or beg for it, either — it’s our company policy! Remember, BARON & CHESTNEY ARE THE FULL SERVICE DISCOUNT COMMISSION REAL ESTATE BROKERS THAT WILL SELL YOUR SANTA CLARA COUNTY HOME FOR A TOTAL REAL ESTATE COMMISSION OF ONLY 2% to 4%!

As of the last census, Santa Clara County had a total population of 1,781,642 people, and had 651,905 residential housing units. Of those housing units, 350,074 (53.7 percent) were single family detached houses, 68,450 (10.5 percent) were single family attached homes (duplex, triplex, fourplex, duet, flats, inlaws, etc.), 213,824 (32.8 percent) were apartments, townhouses, or condominiums, and  19,557 (3%) were mobile homes.  When compared to the statewide averages for California housing figures, Santa Clara County has somewhat lower than the average percentage of single family detached homes, slightly more than the statewide average percentage of apartments, townhomes, and condos, and a somewhat higher average percentage of attached homes than the California statewide percentage, and just a bit lower than the California state average percentage of mobile homes.  SO, what do all these numbers mean?! Santa Clara County has a distribution of housing units that roughly approximates the California state averages, with the higher percentage of attached homes almost making up for the lower percentage of detached homes. In the San Francisco bay area, Santa Clara County has the highest number of total housing units, with Alameda County having the next most (at over 50,000 fewer units), and Contra Costa and San Francisco counties coming in third and fourth place with just over 400,000 housing units and just under 400,000 housing units each, respectively. The great news for those looking to buy a home or rent a home in Santa Clara County is that this county has a huge number of housing units. The bad news, however, is that Santa Clara county is the heart of Silicon Valley, and the massive salaries that the big tech companies pay their multitudes of employees have driven Santa Clara County real estate values exponentially higher and higher…

Call Baron & Chestney Real Estate first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a real estate rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. Our total home seller commissions of as low as 2% of the sale price of your home simply cannot be beaten. Whether selling a home, buying a home, or both, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker will save you THOUSANDS in realty commission fees! You will not find better service, better results, or a better value for your real estate dollar — guaranteed!

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Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokers who will sell your San Francisco Bay Area home for a discount realtor commission of only 2% to 4% in TOTAL. Home buyers who purchase a home using our home buyer rebate program will get a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the selling price of the home. Serving your discount real estate needs throughout 10 San Francisco Bay Area counties, our discount realtors will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, whether you are selling a home or buying a home, or BOTH! Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker today, and let our home seller discount real estate commissions and home buyer discount realtor rebates save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions on your next bay area realty transaction! Call US first!