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Berkeley, a northern Alameda County city, has a population of about 105,000 people. Berkeley borders the neighboring east bay cities of Oakland, Emeryville, Albany, and Kensington. You know it, you tell the story — you tell the whole darn world this is Bear Territory! Go Bears! Baron & Chestney was founded by Cal alums! Berkeley has a liberal and progressive attitude towards many positive things, especially in matters relating to the welfare and quality of life that it offers to citizens. Berkeley is one of the most handicapped accessible cities in the entire United States, and in fact the entire world, for example. This is certainly a place that champions the human rights of all people. To stop speeding and curtail traffic through residential neighborhoods, many streets have been blocked with large concrete pylons — which the locals have often lovingly turned into giant flower or planter pots by filling them with dirt and then planting some flowers or plants inside them! Dubbed “berzerkely” by many, due to its unusual contrasts and paradoxes and the sometimes weird “twilight zone” kind of feeling that in some ways time has somehow stood still since the 60’s, the city certainly has its charms and can be an absolutely lovely place to live. A measure submitted to voters in 2010 that would have endorsed legalized prostitution was defeated 64 percent to 36 percent — but even so, the very fact that such a measure would even be entertained shows that this city marches to the beat of its own drum — and cares very much about what its residents want — truly a government for the people, of the people, and by the people… The 2010 California state census counted 47,127 residential housing units in Berkeley, of which 20,142 were single family detached houses, 1,756 were single family attached homes, 25,170 were apartments, and 59 were mobile homes. Call the Chamber of Commerce at 510-549-7003. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers full service discount realtors who will sell your Berkeley home for a TOTAL real estate commission of 2% to 4%. Buying a home? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. For all of your Berkeley real estate needs, call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker, today.

Berkeley is about as unique a city as one will ever find in the bay area. Culturally and geographically diverse, the city covers a large area and offers a huge variety of restaurants, shops, and leisure activities. Roaming from the flatlands and the Marina all the way up into the hills, there are many different neighborhoods that each have their own unique charm. The centerpiece of the city is of course the awesome University of California at Berkeley, which was recently ranked the second best university in the WORLD (yes, you read that correctly — not the US, the WORLD), beating out prestigious Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge, and leaving Stanfurd in the dust, and falling behind only Harvard University. (GO BEARS!!!) (Our company colors are no coincidence — we were founded by Cal alums — Baron & Chestney is certainly bear territory!) Founded in 1868, the University of California is not only an academic juggernaut, but also a major employer for the residents of Berkeley and the surrounding cities, providing about 12,000 local jobs. Heck, once every 70 years or so, we actually win a Rose Bowl, too! Baron & Chestney are the full service discount real estate brokers that will sell your Berkeley home for a total realtor commission of only 2% to 4%. Looking to buy a home in Berkeley? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor first! Our home buyer cash rebate program will get you a real estate rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. Whether selling a home, buying a home, or both, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor will save you THOUSANDS in real estate commissions on your next realty transaction!

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