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The two block by two block square bordered by Webster on the east, Fulton on the South, Steiner on the east, and Golden Gate on the north is the area that is “cut out” from Alamo Square that keeps it from being a square and makes it a trapezoid instead… but don’t tell any of the local geometrists… The Alamo Square District of San Francisco is one of the city’s older, historic neighborhoods. Roughly in the middle of the neighborhood lies Alamo Square itself, a charming park which served as a refugee camp following the great earthquake of 1906 for many of the homeless, until their houses could be rebuilt. The Alamo Square district escaped the earthquake and subsequent fires largely unscathed — hence, there are many Victorians, Queen Annes, and Edwardians that still remain in the neighborhood. Speaking of remains… it is generally believed that some San Franciscans who died in the 1906 earthquake and fires are buried in Alamo Square… so please tread lightly, and if Rover digs up any strange looking bones, well, you’ve been warned… The housing style/type is varied and represents a good mix of single family detached houses, apartments, condos, townhomes, lofts, TIC’s, and flats. Alamo Square is not too far from downtown, and as a result is one of the more densely populated areas of the city. Parking is quite difficult and/or expensive. The ridiculously and inexplicably FAR much too over-photographed “postcard row” or “painted lady” houses on Steiner, between Hayes and Fulton, are among the most photographed structures in San Francisco — as a result, we will respectfully refrain from joining the crowd. The contrast of 19th century houses against the modern skyscrapers of the Financial District below seems to be what all the hoopla is about — but that can be found in many places throughout our spectacular city. Why use the same old photographic subject over and over again to the point of exhaustion? As if people could not get enough of them, these houses have also been featured in several movies and TV Shows, as the fictional homes of characters (Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Full House (TV, 1987-1995), to name just two…). We personally find that San Francisco has much, much more to offer from a photographic and architectural standpoint than these overexposed houses. However, on a historical note, this is interesting — they were built by Matthew Kavanaugh in the 1890’s, and originally sold for $3500 each — time machine, please, anyone?! More architectural history — Victorians were originally painted most often in drab colors of white, grey, black, and brown (hard to tell from old black and white photos!). That style actually fell out of favor in the 1920’s and later, and thousands that survived the 1906 quake and fires were either demolished or received new facades of stucco, plaster, or stone. They also used to have decorative metalwork on them, often called “gingerbread” — much of that was needed during World War I and World War II, and was stripped off the houses in scrap metal drives and used to build ships, planes, and tanks to aid the war efforts. Beginning in the psychedelic 1960’s, the bright color schemes became fashionable, and restoration of Victorian homes became “cool” once again… Estimates say that about 12,000 of the original 48,000 Victorians still stand in San Francisco. The greatest concentration of them is in the area bordered by Divisadero, Golden Gate, Webster, and Fell Streets — an area that largely encapsulates the Alamo Square district. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers full service discount real estate brokers that will sell your Alamo Square home for a total real estate commission of 2% to 4%! Buying an Alamo Square home? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. For all of your Alamo Square real estate needs, call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor, today!

The Alamo Square district of San Francisco is part of the larger area often referred to as the “Western Addition, and/or “the Fillmore”, though it does have its own official neighborhood designation. Bordered roughly by Fell Street to the south, Webster Street to the east, Golden Gate to the north, and Divisadero to the west, the Alamo Square neighborhood is not actually a square — it’s a six-sided trapezoid, for the mathematical minded amongst you… The San Francisco Association of Realtors designates the Alamo Square District as part of District 6 (Central North), Subdistrict E, or Area 6e. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers full service discount realtors that will sell your Alamo Square home for a TOTAL realtor commission of 2% to 4% only. Buying a home in Alamo Square? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker first! Our home buyer cash rebate program will get you a real estate rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. Whether buying a home, selling a home, or both, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker will save you THOUSANDS in realtor commissions on your next realty transaction!

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