Baron & Chestney Real Estate Contest

Our current Baron & Chestney real estate contest is the “SILLY EXCUSE” contest. We are looking for the silliest excuse that one of our 6% real estate commission competitors will give to a potential home seller client as to WHY they will not or cannot discount their realty commissions. For example, “I would have to buy a Ferrari, instead of a Lamborghini, if I were to discount my realtor commission”. (OK, we made that one up as an example– no copy cats!) Seriously, though, real estate agents and real estate brokers will say the funniest things to prospective home sellers and home buyers sometimes — ESPECIALLY when it comes to defending and/or justifying their outrageous commission fees! So, whenever you hear something from a realtor that just sounds absurd, please Contact B & C. At Baron & Chestney Real Estate, our discount commission realtors want to hear the silly excuses that our old fashioned 6% real estate commission competitors are giving to home sellers and home buyers in order to defend their astronomical commissions. Baron & Chestney Real Estate will post the most ridiculous ones right here on our website, and we will vote for one winner per month. All entries must contain the full name and office location of the real estate agent or real estate broker, for verification purposes. (This information will NOT be posted on our website, out of respect to our competitors! We will simply write something like, “Joe, from a San Francisco branch of a 6% NATIONAL CHAIN REAL ESTATE COMPANY, says he cannot discount his realtor commission because he wants a Lamborghini instead of a Ferrari! The prize goes to Bob from Redwood City for telling us about this silly excuse!”). Extra bonus points will be awarded in the judging process to anyone who finds WRITTEN real estate advertising materials — real estate brochures, real estate print ads, or even realtor or real estate company website content, that specifically mentions a silly excuse that is offered in defense of 6% real estate commissions. So, what’s the prize? A $50 charitable donation, in the winner’s name, to the charity of the winner’s choice, as well as a $50 gift certificate to the local hardware store of the winner’s choice. Yes, we all win! (Except for Joe, of course…)

To enter our contest, click here, and add your “Silly Excuse” to the comments field.


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