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Welcome to the future of real estate! Welcome to Baron & Chestney Real Estate!
This page is designed to give you everything you need to reach Baron & Chestney Real Estate. Our discount real estate brokers are standing by, ready for your call or email — ready to assist you in saving money on your next real estate transaction, whether you are selling, buying, or BOTH selling and buying a home — anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In this section, you will find direct links to all of the contact forms that are contained on our website which enable you to reach Baron & Chestney Real Estate. Here is a list of the forms, and a description of how to choose which form to use for your particular real estate needs:

CONTACT B & C FORM: This form may be used for ANY type of “general” contact with Baron & Chestney Real Estate.

ASK B & C FORM: This form is designed to allow you to submit real estate questions to our Baron & Chestney discount real estate brokers. These can be general questions (what is a cap rate?), or very specific questions (what did my neighbors, the Smiths, sell their house for last month?). You may wish to start by checking our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section first, especially if your question is of a broad nature, as the answer to your question is very likely already covered in FAQ.

HOME SELLER’S INQUIRY FORM: This form is designed to help home sellers or potential home sellers to get some preliminary information about how the real estate listing and selling process works. Our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtors will conduct price comparison research on recent home sales in your neighborhood, and then get back to you shortly with a lot of useful information about preparing your home for market, home pricing strategies, real estate marketing strategies, a complimentary realtor market analysis of your home, and much, much more. Home Sellers: get things started HERE, at no obligation to you!

SHOP FOR ME, B & C FORM: This form is designed to allow home buyers or potential home buyers to tell our discount real estate brokers about the “dream home” that you are looking for. Tell us as much as you like about your dream house — number of bedrooms, a particular street, square footage, style of home, etc . — you are limited only by your imagination! Of course, every home is unique — while we may not be able to find the exact home of your dreams, keep in mind that it may not have been built yet — so you might consider buying an empty lot and doing so yourself! Or, it may not be on the real estate market at this time — so you may want to let us start looking now, so that when it DOES come onto the market, one of our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount brokers can alert you immediately!

FINANCIAL PROFILE FORM: If you are considering a refinance, a purchase, a 1031 tax exchange, a home equity line, or almost any real estate transaction other than just the sale of your home (with no subsequent purchase of another home), this form is the place to start to get your real estate financing in order. Remember, although not glamorous, the financing side of the deal is absolutely crucial to the success of your real estate transaction. People love to shop for homes, but they generally don’t get too excited about loans. We DO, however, work with several OUTSTANDING real estate financing companies and mortgage brokers who ARE very excited about realty loans — and they will help you get excited about them, too, because when you see how much money you can save, and how you can structure your real estate deals in very creative ways to help you achieve your goals, it’s EASY to get excited about real estate financing! Unless you are an ALL CASH buyer in the real estate market, we can not understate the importance of getting your real estate financial foundation in order before going into any real estate transaction. Working hand in hand with one of the outstanding mortgage brokers that we affiliate ourselves with, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor will be better able to make your real estate goals a reality. By knowing what you need, we can match you up with the right mortgage broker and/or lender for your specific needs. Fill out the form, and we will get to work for you.

WHAT’S MY HOUSE WORTH, B & C?: This form is designed to be a general inquiry for someone who owns a home (or any type of real estate — land, apartment building, etc.), and would just like to know what the property is worth. Although you may not actually be interested in selling your home right now, perhaps you would like more information, or would like to have one of our Baron & Chestney discount real estate brokers do some research for you, chat with you, or come say hello, with the understanding that you are not in the market now, but are just interested in talking about your real estate with a discount realtor. After all, real estate is a referral-based business — although you may not be in the real estate market now, you certainly could be in a few years, or you could know someone who will eventually be in the market to buy or sell a home. If you remember a friendly discount realtor from Baron & Chestney Real Estate who spent some time helping you, perhaps you will also remember to pass a referral on to that discount real estate broker in the future. We believe that when we help people with their real estate needs, those people in turn help to spread the good word about us. (There is no obligation to you, of course). Fill out the form, and we will have one of our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount brokers contact you.

REFERRAL FORM: This form is the one to use if you have a real estate referral that you would like to pass on to Baron & Chestney Real Estate. A friend, neighbor, co-worker, relative, etc. who may be selling or buying a home soon, and is not currently under contract with a real estate agent or real estate broker, is a referral. Tell us how we can reach you, or reach the referred person directly. See our REFERRAL section for full details, and then fill out the form and send it to us!

REAL ESTATE CONTESTS FORM: This is the form to use if you would like to enter our Baron & Chestney real estate contests. The current contest is our “silly excuse” contest, where you can earn a gift certificate to your favorite store and a contribution to your favorite charity if your entry is chosen as the winner. Just let us know about a real estate agent or real estate broker out there who gives you some ridiculous excuse as to why he or she cannot discount his/her real estate commission rate. The more crazy it sounds, the better — but we do need names and office information for verification purposes. (This will be kept confidential, to protect the real estate licensee from professional embarrassment, of course!) If you can find printed matter (emails, written notes, advertisements, etc.) to support your entry, your chances of winning will be greatly increased! See our CONTESTS section for full details, and then fill out the form and send it in to Baron & Chestney Real Estate!


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Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokers who will sell your San Francisco Bay Area home for a discount realtor commission of only 2% to 4% in TOTAL. Home buyers who purchase a home using our home buyer rebate program will get a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the selling price of the home. Serving your discount real estate needs throughout 10 San Francisco Bay Area counties, our discount realtors will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, whether you are selling a home or buying a home, or BOTH! Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker today, and let our home seller discount real estate commissions and home buyer discount realtor rebates save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions on your next bay area realty transaction! Call US first!