Discount real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Discount realtors offering 2% commissions and 2% rebates

Discount real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area
Discount realtors offering 2% commissions and 2% rebates

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The Baron & Chestney Real Estate Home Buyer:

Is Baron & Chestney Real Estate right for you? Baron & Chestney Real Estate brokers are proud to work with only those home buyers whose asset, credit, employment, and debt credentials make them truly “able” home buyers, as in the classic real estate term, “ready, willing, and able buyer”. (Of course, we want our home buyers to be ready and willing, as well!) Our discount brokers are interested in working with potential home buyers who WILL be purchasing a home, soon– as far as WHICH home goes, that’s OUR job– helping you find your “castle”. The reward to you in meeting our criteria and using Baron & Chestney Real Estate to represent you as a buyer’s broker in your purchase is, of course, our generous real estate commission rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home that you choose.

Once you submit your asset, credit, employment, and debt information to a mortgage broker, real estate lending company, or financial institution and obtain a loan pre-approval letter which you send to Baron & Chestney, one of our discount realtors will gladly represent you as a home buyer’s broker. You will then receive our personalized service and expertise in screening only the finest San Francisco Bay Area homes for you, as well as our real estate expertise in negotiation and representation in presenting your offer and seeing the transaction all the way through to completion. Best of all, once the deal closes escrow, you will receive a home buyer’s realtor cash rebate of up to 2%* of the purchase price of the home from Baron & Chestney Real Estate! (except if the property is a Baron & Chestney listing– see notes below).

Yes, even brand new homes sold directly through new home builders may qualify, as well! Thinking about buying a brand new home from a home builder in a new development? Call us BEFORE you visit the model homes! Many home builders offer real estate broker commission incentives. In fact, as the real estate market cools, these realtor incentives can be quite substantial. The commission percentage amounts will of course vary from home builder to home builder, but the catch is ALWAYS that a real estate broker MUST accompany you on your very FIRST visit to the new development, to register you, and for the realtor to register with the builder, as well. Do not go see the model homes without calling us first! One of our discount brokers will check to see what incentives the builder may offer, and then we can arrange to accompany you on your first visit to see the model homes. If one of our discount commission realtors does not go with you, there will never be a chance for a realtor commission rebate. Once you put your name on the builder’s list, there will be no real estate rebates for us, or for you.

Most of our real estate clients already own at least one home, if not several homes, and many own investment property, as well. We do represent home buyers on a non-commission basis only in the case of them being interested in the purchase of a home listed with Baron & Chestney Real Estate. (With the permission of the home seller, only, and with full disclosure to both parties of the fact that we are representing both home buyer and home seller).

However, as a home buyer, you are not restricted to Baron & Chestney Real Estate properties. One of our discount real estate brokers will be happy to represent you in making an offer on ANY property that is listed for sale, anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The exception to the rule exists because our discount commission real estate brokers do not work for free! If Baron & Chestney Real Estate represents both home buyer and home seller, we will only be receiving a 2% real estate commission from the home seller. We therefore cannot then hand that entire 2% realty commission over to the home buyer in the form of a real estate rebate. Our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker would make nothing at all! (Normally, Baron & Chestney Real Estate would get a 3% realty commission from the other side, which we would use to rebate 2% of the home sale price back to the home buyer. Under this example, this simply is not possible.) The only other exception is when the real estate listing agreement from another real estate agency specifies a realtor commission of less than 6% — say a 5.5% real estate commission — in which case the realtor rebate would be reduced accordingly. A Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor would only take a 1% real estate commission, and the remainder of our real estate commission split will go back to you, our client, as a home buyer rebate from Baron & Chestney Real Estate. In each and every case, though, you come out a big winner with Baron & Chestney Real Estate representing you as a home buyer. Home sellers will know that your offers to purchase their property carry a lot of weight when you are a Baron & Chestney Real Estate buyer, because you have already met our rigorous financial standards and been pre-approved for your loan. Furthermore, because of our realtor rebate program, you will always get cash back after the close of escrow from Baron & Chestney Real Estate. At up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, this extra cash is your reward for using Baron & Chestney Real Estate to represent you as a home buyer’s broker in the purchase the home of your choice, no matter which other real estate company the home is listed with. Would you like to receive a real estate rebate on your next realty purchase? Do you have what it takes to be a Baron & Chestney home buyer? If so, please contact us and let one of our discount brokers be your knight and find your castle for you! Fill out our Financial Application now, by clicking on the “Financial Profile” link. For more information about our real estate home buyer cash rebate, read “BUT I’M A BUYER“, located within our ABOUT section.

*(Assumes a standard 6% commission, with 3% to buyers side and 3% to sellers side)

EPILOGUE, 2018: All things change, and most things real estate are cyclical. Even in a slower market, though, there is still no rest for the wicked…the wily and weaselly will always work hard to find new and improved ways to hoodwink, fleece, and bamboozle you. One of their latest tricks is the “buy a house app”, an online approach to real estate (as opposed to using a live, local, veteran broker) which is favored by the johnny-come-lately copycat “e-companies”, for example, among a myriad of other parlor tricks both old and new.
So, what is the deal with these companies that are offering to save you money by doing your real estate transaction online? These are FAR worse than the old guard companies! The old guard companies at least offer stability and reputation. They are solid companies with years of experience. They are real people who are live and local. We respect that. They are our professional colleagues. This new wave of copycats and pretenders, however, offers NO stability, NO reputation, and NO experience. Most of them are not located in the bay area, or even in the state of California!!! Some are not even located in the United States!!! They are “e-companies”, “i-companies”, out of the country companies, out of state companies, and out of the bay area companies. They are computer programs and algorithms and “apps” that propose to walk you through the purchase of a San Francisco bay area home online, in customer service “chat rooms” and real estate “help forums”, and via phone counselors located in some foreign country…oh, and you can also email them 24/7/365, too! REALLY?! Oh, but don’t worry — they’ve got lots of flash and dash, and plenty of venture capital cash! Now, doesn’t THAT make you feel safe and secure?! Well, do not despair… We DO realize that you want to save money on your real estate transactions. We were FOUNDED on that principle. However, we ALSO believe that you should have a veteran broker working with you, IN PERSON, every step of the way. With Baron & Chestney Real Estate, you still get the best of both worlds — huge savings, as well as the experience, knowledge, and expertise of real, live, in-person, flesh and blood veteran brokers, who work with you step by step, who meet with you live and in person, AND, who are RIGHT HERE in the bay area, NOT out there somewhere in cyberspace, or in Timbuktu. With Baron & Chestney, you work with a broker who has the knowledge and experience to see your transaction through from start to finish — not some “phone jockey” or “chat room chimpanzee” who is hiding behind the rookie smoke screen of a johnny-come-lately copycat e-company. How effective do you think an “app” or “chat room” or “online help forum” is going to be at crafting a winning offer that is going to help you beat out a dozen other well qualified buyers and acquire that home that you really want? Oh, but don’t forget the live customer service rep in a foreign country — she is available 24/7/365, after all! Get serious, folks. Leave the “apps”, the algorithms, the chat rooms and help forums, and the foreign customer service reps to the rest, and call us — we are the original and the best. We remain here at your service — old world service and quality paired with a modern and ultra progressive business model that will save you tens of thousands of dollars on any real estate transaction — your knights, fighting for what is right, putting money back into YOUR pockets, where it belongs. As we have always said, our clients are the smart ones…
We still feel VERY strongly that our standard Baron & Chestney Real Estate commission structure will result in the best value for the overwhelming majority of our clients regardless of their individual circumstances. Our business model has remained rock solid against the tests of time, the “old guard” 6% companies, and the “johnny-come-lately” copycat e-companies as well. However, we do realize that a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach is not the best one for ALL clients and ALL scenarios. Therefore, our alternative commission structure plans give each of our clients the power to choose a customized plan that is tailored for their specific needs and special circumstances.
Buying from a friend or family member and need someone to make sure the paperwork is correct? Estate purchase? Trust purchase? Inheritance purchase? Private or confidential purchase? Celebrity purchase? High value purchase? Need a professional consultation, or a second opinion, on a complicated real estate transaction? Whatever your special real estate needs may be, Baron & Chestney Real Estate has live, local, veteran brokers with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you complete any real estate transaction. Now, we are proud to offer you even more options and choices, via our alternative commission structures!

Of course, once again, we feel VERY strongly that our Baron & Chestney Real Estate home buyer rebate program meets the needs and desires of the overwhelming majority of our home buyer clients. However, for those who want and/or need something different, something special, or something completely customized, we have you covered… Here are our alternative rebate and fee structures that we offer for our home buying clients:
1. The Flat Fee Rebate: As simple as it sounds. Your Baron & Chestney Real Estate full service discount broker will calculate a rebate amount that you will get when you purchase a particular home using a Baron & Chestney discount broker as your buyer broker. How much of a rebate? It depends upon the home you wish to purchase, and its price, location, etc. One of our brokers will meet with you, tour the property you want to purchase, and quote you in writing a rebate amount that you will receive from us after close of escrow.
2. The Net Rebate: We will agree upon a price at which you would be happy to purchase a particular home and your Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker will write that amount into the buyer’s contract. For any sales price that we negotiate for you which is below that price, the underage amount is kept by Baron & Chestney Real Estate as our fee for representing you as buyer’s broker.
3. The High Property Value Rebate: Even a 1% rebate on a $10million house is still a LOT of money. If the home you are purchasing is a property with a very high market value, your Baron & Chestney Real Estate broker will negotiate a rebate for you that takes that fact into account when we draw up your buyer’s contract for you.
4. The Flex Rebate: The rebate amount that your Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker will rebate to you will depend upon certain flexible variables which we will determine and define together and agree upon in advance and incorporate into your buyer’s contract.
5. The Tiered rebate: A hybrid rebate structure which combines features of the Flat Fee Rebate and the Flex Rebate, in which different rebate amounts apply for different sales price tiers. Your Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker will work with you to delineate these terms into your buyer’s contract.
6. The Custom Rebate: A completely unique rebate structure that you and your Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker create together, just for your specific and specialized needs and requirements, in drawing up your customized buyer’s contract. Only your own creativity can limit this rebate plan!
7. The “Beat It” Guarantee: Tell all the other real estate folks to pack it up and go, as Baron & Chestney Real Estate will beat any written, bonafide rebate offer! Just tell them to “beat it”, as that is exactly what Baron & Chestney Real Estate will do to their rebate proposal!
Baron & Chestney Real Estate prides itself on being a FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokerage. However, some clients do not want or need full service. They only want certain specific services. The following options take this fact into account.
8. The Limited Scope: Designed for the “do-it-yourselfer”….Not all the bells and whistles that we offer with our standard full service, but most of the basics. A Baron & Chestney discount real estate broker will assist you in your home purchase however much or little you wish, holding your hand when needed, and leaving you alone when not. We will decide together on a fee that works for you and for us.
9. The A La Carte: You asked for it, we have created it for you. Need help interpreting disclosures and/or inspections or their findings? Need a tough negotiator? Want us to handle the contract paperwork for you? You name it, we can do it when it comes to any and all real estate matters. Our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount brokers will negotiate a fee for whatever real estate services you desire.
10. The Consultation: Once again, you asked for it, so here it is. Get all the real estate consultation that you could ever need or want, from one of our Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount brokers. Fees can be arranged by the hour, by the day, by the job, etc. Whatever real estate matters you would like to discuss will be gladly addressed by one of our discount brokers who will serve as your personal real estate consultant for a transaction, a project, a purchase, or whatever real estate activities you may be planning.
11. The “Beat It” Guarantee: Tell all the other real estate folks to pack it up and go, as Baron & Chestney Real Estate will beat any written, bonafide proposal for real estate services! Just tell them to “beat it”, as that is exactly what Baron & Chestney Real Estate will do to their proposal!

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Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokers who will sell your San Francisco Bay Area home for a discount realtor commission of only 2% to 4% in TOTAL. Home buyers who purchase a home using our home buyer rebate program will get a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the selling price of the home. Serving your discount real estate needs throughout 10 San Francisco Bay Area counties, our discount realtors will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, whether you are selling a home or buying a home, or BOTH! Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker today, and let our home seller discount real estate commissions and home buyer discount realtor rebates save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions on your next bay area realty transaction! Call US first!