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How Baron & Chestney Real Estate Saves The Home Buyer Money: At Baron & Chestney, our discount real estate brokers have developed a special rebate program for home buyers. Home buyers, IF YOU USE A BARON & CHESTNEY DISCOUNT REALTOR TO REPRESENT YOU IN THE PURCHASE OF ANY HOME THAT IS LISTED WITH ANY OTHER BROKERAGE, ANYWHERE IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, WE WILL “SHARE” OUR 3%* BUYER’S SIDE REALTOR COMMISSION WITH YOU IN THE FORM OF A “CASH BACK” REBATE AFTER CLOSE OF ESCROW! From the traditional 3%* real estate commission that our Baron & Chestney discount real estate broker receives by representing you as a buyer’s broker in the purchase of a home, we will rebate you 2% of the purchase price of the home back in the form of a cash rebate after close of escrow, while only taking a 1% real estate commission for our discount broker. Use the rebate to buy new furniture, take a vacation, or simply save it and understand that you actually bought the house for 2% less than you otherwise could have, thanks to the discount real estate brokers at Baron & Chestney Real Estate. So, home buyers save THOUSANDS of dollars by using a Baron & Chestney real Estate discount realtor to submit an offer on any San Francisco Bay Area property that is listed with any other real estate brokerage. In a hot market, in the case of a bidding war, you basically get a 2% price advantage over what you could otherwise afford to bid on a home if you were to use use an old fashioned 6% commission real estate brokerage to represent you in the home purchase.*

Yes, even brand new homes sold through home builders may qualify for our home buyer rebate program, as well! Thinking about buying a brand new home from a home builder of a new development? Call Baron & Chestney Real Estate BEFORE you visit the model homes! Many home builders offer real estate broker commission incentives. In fact, as the real estate market cools, these amounts can be quite substantial. The commission percentage amounts will vary from home builder to home builder, but the catch is ALWAYS that a realtor MUST accompany you on your very FIRST visit to the model homes, to register you, and for the real estate broker to register with the builder as well. Do NOT go visit the model homes without calling Baron & Chestney Real Estate first! A Baron & Chestney discount realtor will check to see what rebate incentives the builder may offer, and then we can arrange for one of our discount real estate brokers to accompany you on your first visit to see the model homes. If a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker does not go with you, once you put your name on the home builder’s guest list, there will be no realtor rebates and no real estate home buyer incentives for anyone.

*(The traditional real estate commission is 3% per “side” of the real estate transaction. In the event that a listing contract calls for a total real estate commission of, say, 5% (2.5% to home seller’s broker, 2.5% to home buyer’s broker), we would only receive a 2.5% real estate commission as a home buyer’s broker, so we could only offer you a 1.5% realtor commission rebate. The basic concept is that Baron & Chestney Real Estate always earns a 1% real estate commission on each side of the deal that we handle, (a 1% realtor commission on the home seller’s side, and 1% realty commission on the home buyer’s side), and therefore we earn a 2% real estate commission in TOTAL if one of our discount real estate brokers represent both parties to the transaction (with full disclosure to and permission from both parties, of course).

ESSENTIALLY, BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE TAKES THAT 6% COMMISSION AND TRIES TO DIVIDE IT AS FOLLOWS: 2% REAL ESTATE COMMISSION SAVINGS TO THE HOME SELLER, 2% REAL ESTATE COMMISSION SAVINGS TO THE HOME BUYER, AND a 2% REAL ESTATE COMMISSION TO BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE. Unfortunately, most of the times that our 6 % commission competitors represent the home buyer, it ends up quite differently: 1% in real estate commission savings to home seller (thanks to Baron & Chestney Real Estate), 1% in real estate commission savings to buyer (thanks to Baron & Chestney Real Estate), a 1% real estate commission to Baron & Chestney, and a 3% real estate commission to our competitor! Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Of course it is unfair! That is why it is so foolish to submit an offer on any property in the San Francisco Bay Area without using a Baron & Chestney discount real estate broker! USING BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE SAVES HOME SELLERS THOUSANDS IN REAL ESTATE COMMISSION DOLLARS, SO IT ALLOWS THEM TO ACCEPT LOWER OFFERS FROM HOME BUYERS AND STILL NET BACK THE SAME DOLLAR AMOUNT! Even in a “hot” market, where many offers are for over the asking price, the home seller knows that with a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor client’s offer, he will still net more money back. WE SAVE HOME BUYERS MONEY BY GIVING THEM REALTOR COMMISSION REBATES AFTER THE CLOSE OF ESCROW — THE REBATE MONEY IS COMING OUT OF THE POCKET OF ONE OF OUR BARON & CHESTNEY DISCOUNT REAL ESTATE BROKERS! SO, ONLY THE BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE DISCOUNT BROKER IS REALLY GIVING ANYTHING UP. This does bring up one very important point, though:

THE EXCEPTION TO THE HOME BUYER CASH REBATE RULE: Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtors are a great value, but even we do not work for free! Let’s say that a house is listed for sale with a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker. If Baron & Chestney Real Estate represents both home buyer and home seller, Baron & Chestney will only be receiving a 2% realtor commission from the seller. We cannot then hand that 2% realty commission over to the home buyer in the form of a home buyer rebate! Our discount broker would then make nothing at all! Normally, Baron & Chestney Real Estate would get a 3% realtor commission from the other side, which we can then use to rebate 2% of the purchase price of the home back to the home buyer. KEEP THIS IN MIND, HOWEVER: AS HOME BUYER AND HOME SELLER, YOU ARE STILL BOTH WINNING, EVEN UNDER THIS EXCEPTION! THIS IS BECAUSE THE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION IS “BUFFERED” BY BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE — OUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS MODEL ALLOWS AN OFFER OF ABOUT 4% LESS TO BE ACCEPTABLE TO THE HOME SELLER — SO, THE HOME BUYER SAVES 2% of the price, THE HOME SELLER SAVES 2% of the price, AND BARON & CHESTNEY REAL ESTATE EARNS A 2% REAL ESTATE COMMISSION. WE ALL WIN BIG! In the other scenario, the home seller wins a little (1%), the home buyer wins a little (1%), Baron & Chestney Real Estate wins a little (1%), and our 6% real estate commission competitor wins a LOT (3%)!!! Wouldn’t you rather let a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker put more money into YOUR pocket, instead of giving that money away to our 6% commission competitors? If you really want to give your money away, why not instead just give it to the excellent charity of your choice? They certainly need it much, much more than our old fashioned 6% realty commission competitors! Better yet, it’s tax deductible when you give it to charity!

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