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Union City is a southern Alameda County city with a population of about 75,000 people. Union City lies about 40 miles southeast of San Francisco, and about 25 miles north of San Jose. Union City is an old city that has seen a lot of residential development in recent years. Generally considered a bedroom community, Union City does have quite a bit of industry, as well, with about 20,000 jobs located in town. The city won the All American City Award in 1999, one of 10 awarded in the US. What that means is that the city is progressive and forward-thinking, and does a good job of problem solving. Union City has many newer homes, and many children -- school enrollments are large. Logan High School, with over 4300 students, has the largest enrollment of any high school in Northern California. The city has about 17 parks -- some quite large. In terms of jobs, there are about 100 small manufacturing plants in town. If you commute, look out -- BART will be your best bet for sure. Traffic snarls around Union City, with 880 often a virtual parking lot, and the nearby 238 being ten times worse, probably the most heavily trafficked 3 mile stretch of road in the entire U.S. -- and certainly in northern California. 71% of the homes in Union City are owner occupied. There is a large selection of style, age, lot size, floor plan, etc. -- and hence price, too. Children in Union City attend schools in the the New Haven Unified School District. If you are planning to move to Union City, you should seriously consider investing in a water softening system for the home. For some unknown reason, the city water is so hard that it is virtually impossible to wash soap and shampoo off one's body and hair -- so one emerges from bathing with a slimy feeling, and with a very bad hair day, and feeling like one just bathed in crude oil! Do NOT let this happen to you! Get a water softening system installed! Similar bathing horrors have been well documented in the nearby cities of Fremont and Newark - and in points south, like Milpitas, it gets even WORSE, if that is possible. The California State Census in 2004 counted 19,625 residential housing units in Union City, of which 12,571 were single family detached houses, 2,369 were single family attached homes, 3,782 were apartments, condos, or townhomes, and 903 were mobile homes. You can reach the chamber of commerce at 510-471-3115. Baron & Chestney offers full service discount realtors that will sell your Union City home for a TOTAL real estate commission of 2% to 4%! Buying a home? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker first! Our home buyer cash rebate program will get you a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. For all of your Union City real estate needs, call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor, today.

Union City has many new homes, with more continuing to be built. What naturally follows is that Union City also has many children. The school districts have a very large number of students enrolled, and the schools enjoy strong community support. Logan High School has one of the highest enrollments in the state of California, and also brags one of the best athletic programs in the state, as well. The commute is not very good from Union City, as traffic always seems to bunch up around it on the freeways. However, it does have a BART station, which certainly helps if you have the option of taking public transportation. Union City is an old city, with its historic roots tracing back to an old train station and endless acres of farmland. As a result, the city has plenty of room for amenities like parks and public buildings. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers full service discount real estate brokers that will sell your Union City home for a TOTAL realtor commission of 2 percent to four percent only. Buying a home? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a real estate rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. Whether selling a home, buying a home, or both, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions on your next realty transaction! Call us!

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