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Fremont is a southern Alameda County city which also makes up the northeastern portion of the Silicon Valley, along with neighboring Newark. With its population of almost 230,000 people, Fremont is the fourth largest city in the bay area. Fremont is located about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, and 20 miles northeast of San Jose -- strategically located between Highway 680 and Highway 880, and having its own BART station, as well. While the Fremont BART station is currently the southernmost station on the BART line, there are plans to expand service into San Jose in the near future. Fremont is known for its gently rolling hills, and very sunny and warm weather. The schools are good, and the downtown area has been revitalized with major retail stores, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Fremont was originally considered a blue collar town, but as Silicon Valley continued to expand and grow, it expanded right on into Fremont, making it a high-tech city today. The town rose from humble beginnings with railroads and farming first putting it on the map. As Silicon Valley came to life and housing prices on the peninsula shot up rapidly, people looked east across the Dumbarton bridge to Fremont for affordable housing options. Soon after, Silicon Valley began running out of space, and the companies themselves sought Fremont (and other cities) as a place to open up more plants and research facilities. As these companies moved in, Fremont's blue collar image began to be replaced with highly skilled and highly educated workers. As a result, Fremont was turned into a Silicon Valley town, and the trickle down effect was that these workers demanded better schools for their kids. As a result, the school rankings are good. In terms of commutes, it depends where you are headed from Fremont. If you take BART, Fremont is the beginning of the line, so if you wake early enough, you will get a seat. If you plan on driving, you should either plan on not driving too far, or not driving too fast -- or both! Santa Clara County voters have approved a measure to extend BART to San Jose and possibly beyond, though -- so look for that development over the next several years to improve the southward commute drastically. The California state census in 2004 counted 70,704 residential housing units in Fremont, of which 42,126 were single family detached houses, 7,141 were single family attached homes, 20,681 were apartments, condos, or townhouses, and 756 were mobile homes. Reach the Chamber of Commerce at 510-795-2244. Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers full service discount real estate brokers that will sell your Fremont home for a total realtor commission of only two percent to four percent! Buying a home? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a real estate rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. For all of your Fremont real estate needs, call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker today.

It's a little known fact that Fremont is one of the largest cities in the entire bay area, ranking 4th, only behind San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, the bay area's 3 major cities, in population. The geographic area of the city is huge -- almost twice the size of San Francisco. Fremont was originally made up of five little towns -- Niles, Centerville, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs. They all banded together and incorporated in 1956. Fremont has about 40 parks and playgrounds, and offers plenty to do. Schools rank well, with some ranking extremely well, most notably Mission San Jose High School. Baron & Chestney Real Estate features full service discount realtors that will sell your Fremont home for a 2 percent to 4 percent real estate commission, TOTAL. Buying a home in Fremont? Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount broker first! Our home buyer rebate program will get you a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the purchase price of the home, after close of escrow. Whether selling a home, buying a home, or BOTH, a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount realtor will save you THOUSANDS in real estate commissions on your next realty transaction!

Baron & Chestney Real Estate offers FULL SERVICE discount real estate brokers who will sell your San Francisco Bay Area home for a discount realtor commission of only 2% to 4% in TOTAL.  Home buyers who purchase a home using our home buyer rebate program will get a realtor rebate of up to 2% of the selling price of the home.  Serving your discount real estate needs throughout 10 San Francisco Bay Area counties, our discount realtors will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, whether you are selling a home or buying a home, or BOTH! Call a Baron & Chestney Real Estate discount real estate broker today, and let our home seller discount real estate commissions and home buyer discount realtor rebates save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions on your next bay area realty transaction! Call US first!


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